Bear Lawyer Requests Proof of Identity

(Click here to view image at full size.  Also: potentially needful context.)


4 responses to “#260

  1. Far Away Books

    Only Bear Lawyer would arbitrate a case where the definition of proof and identity need be stipulated to first.

    • It would seem as though the residents of Ooo (wherever that is) do not have an established court system in any of their constituent fiefdoms, which would appear to range from benevolent constitutional confectionary monarchies to autocratic tyrannies of fire and brimstone… and some sort of eldritch demesne called the “Night-o-Sphere”? O-okay, then…

      Rather, the Oooëans prefer to settle their disputes through trial by combat and some sort of weregild-esque arrangement—tit-for-tat, quid pro quo, eye for an eye and all that. Also: magical quests, shenanigans, and wanton destruction of property. None of which can be readily applied under either the state or federal codes.

      Yeah… it’s kind of a hot mess. And likely to turn violent at any moment. All for some moldy old book.

  2. Adventure Time! 😀

    • Bear Lawyer just hopes that that obnoxious blizzard wizard and his cadre of flightless artic birds do not try to intervene. Again. What a dingus, that guy.

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