Bear Lawyer is Deemed in Excess


2 responses to “#261

  1. Far Away Books

    Pshaw, Bear Lawyer is even at his 5 pike limit, unless of course he can get that DEC officer to bite, in which case, it’s less about limits and more about self-defence. A bit agressive those E. lucius.

    • Given that it’s fairly late in the morning, Bear Lawyer is rather closer to his twentieth pike of the day, plus other varieties besides, the three in his cooler being those upon which he has yet to snack.

      As such, there is a genuine concern amongst the higher-ups at the DEC that bait-and-tackling bears will eat the waterways of New York right out of house and home, and in short order at that. Heaven forfend that Bear Lawyer find the time to provide a master class in fly fishing to his fellow ursine wilderness-dwellers…

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