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Bear Lawery Coördinates the Defense

Following the afternoon’s master classes in trap-laying, track-hiding, The Art of War, and Kuma Kobushi-ryū jujutsu, Bear Lawyer will be screening selections from First Blood, Predator, The Seven Samurai, Home Alone, and The Return of the Jedi (specifically, the Battle of Endor). After all, come hunting season, the best defense is an overwhelmingly aggressive offense.



Bear Lawyer Settles a Dispute

(In case there was any question as to how #309 played out.)



Bear Lawyer Resorts to Deceptive Practices


Bear Lawyer Issues a Caveat Venator

They have a history, these two (See Also: #15, #111).


Bear Lawyer Takes Precautionary Measures


Bear Lawyer Has Mixed Feelings About the Second Amendment