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Bear Lawyer Goes Over Defensive Strategy

As gratifying as the moral high ground of nonviolent resistance may be, Bear Lawyer has found, after scrambling for cover during many a state-sanctioned culling, that the literal high ground is a far more advantageous position to hold.



Bear Lawyer Consults a Trustee in Bankruptcy

Don’t be so quick to gloat, O Blonde One. As you well know, if there’s one thing that Bear Lawyer doesn’t do well, it’s lose.


Bear Lawyer is Targeted for Enforcement

What a week! First, the IRS audited the Concerned Citizens for Earl Grey (“Promoting Civility in Public Discourse, One Cup at a Time”™). Then, they proceeded to audit CCEG’s parent 501(c)(4), the American Association for the Patriotic Advancement of Steeped Beverages, the books of which had been thoroughly cooked (that is, burnt past the point of recognition) by none other than Philbert D. Quince, squirrel CPA. To make matters worse, due to some sort of fish-hatching foofaraw going on upstate, Bear Lawyer could not even take a quick lunch break in a recently-stocked lake without Officer Jones of the DEC pitching a fit about size restrictions and population control. He’s a regular J. Audubon Woodlore, that Jones.


Bear Lawyer Hosts a Peaceable Assembly

Bearing in mind (1) that it’s still relatively early into the playoff season, (2) that Bertram is only on his first serving of Torontonian syrup, (3) that PDQ has not yet shed all over the popping corn, and (4) that Bear Lawyer is waiting to tap his logs of Pollenator®, one can only guess as to when this friendly gathering of fans of the fastest game on earth will erupt into a furious mess of riotous bickering and violent partisanship.



Bear Lawyer Considers the Evidence



Bear Lawyer Denies Culpability



Bear Lawyer Considers Unfair Competition