#394 – In which stress is managed

“Newly confirmed as head of the EPA, former Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt has come under fire for coördinating closely with energy companies in his attempts to scale back and block federal environmental regulations. The New York Times reported that, at times, Pruitt had simply copied and pasted suggested language from an energy company onto state letterhead, and then sent it to the EPA.

“This is NPR news. We now return to What Fresh Hell is This? with Terry Gross.”


3 responses to “#394 – In which stress is managed

  1. Are you back? Because if so you just made my day.

    • Indeed. Albeit in a somewhat limited capacity, Boswell’s schedule permitting. (Lesson learned: Invest in sturdier locks for the leg irons, lest the “hired” help scamper at the first available opportunity.)

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