Have Yourself a Bear-y Little Christmas

Have Yourself a Bear-y Little Christmas

DISCLAIMER: Lightness of heart may be a sign of a serious and potentially fatal cardiovascular condition; consult your doctor if you experience chest pains or dizziness related to holiday festivities.  Absence of proof of trouble is not proof of absence thereof. Gayness of Yuletide is a Constitutionally-protected right, though full legal recognition may as yet be limited in certain areas. Troubles in mirror may be closer than they appear. Happy golden days of yore not available in all areas. Proximity and oral professions of faith by—and perceived dearness of—friends are no substitute for a thorough and legally binding contract. Fates are fickle; prolonged togetherness not guaranteed. Exercise caution when hanging shining stars upon highest boughs. Immediacy and merriness of Christmas, though universally wished, cannot be guaranteed.


2 responses to “Have Yourself a Bear-y Little Christmas

  1. Though my Christmas is not white, BL, you’ve made it bear-y and bright (of course the 18% Madeira helped a bit too). Frohe Weihnachten!

    • Upon conveying your seasonable greetings to the as-yet-hibernating Bear Lawyer, one was able to detect a slight curl of the lip and a momentary glimpse of a heavily lidded, not-so-gimlet eye, followed by a snuffling shifting of position and a preposterously drawn-out note of flatulence. Thereafter: heavy snoring.

      Message received, similar holiday-type wishes returned!

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