Bear Lawyer Terminates At Will

True, Thaddeus was a fine junior associate. A tireless worker with a near-encyclopedic knowledge of case law. A man whose briefs read like poetry and whose coffee could move even the most jaded barista (or barrister) to tears. But he was also a Packers fan, an offense which Bear Lawyer could only view as cause for immediate severance—and, if the now ex-associate doesn’t recover quickly, discreet burial.


6 responses to “#391

    • Though Bear Lawyer is scarcely one to turn down a profitable consultancy—his human resource management skills are in rather high demand, particularly the iron-clad cocktail of disclaimers, waivers, indemnifications, and non-disclosure agreements that comprise the standard-issue BL LLC employment contract—he has not as yet had any dealings with that particular Biglaw firm.

  1. Packers fans are known for their exceedingly thick skulls. Prop young Thaddeus up in some sportbar and eventually he’ll come to thinking he drank himself into a stupor.

    Though after a whack like that, one expects his brain to be a bit . . . deshabille. Sacking may be in order (ditto with some extra tough Glad bags — if he doesn’t recover).

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