Bear Lawery Coördinates the Defense

Following the afternoon’s master classes in trap-laying, track-hiding, The Art of War, and Kuma Kobushi-ryū jujutsu, Bear Lawyer will be screening selections from First Blood, Predator, The Seven Samurai, Home Alone, and The Return of the Jedi (specifically, the Battle of Endor). After all, come hunting season, the best defense is an overwhelmingly aggressive offense.


2 responses to “#390

  1. “Be formless, shapeless—like honey. Now you put honey in a cup, it becmes the cup; You put honey into a bottle, it becomes the bottle; You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, honey can flow or it can stick. Be honey, my friend.”—Bruce Bear-Lee

  2. Simply leaving the semi-decapitated maquette in the woods should represent fair warning. After that, definitely the tiger trap (so excellently depicted on the chalk board).

    Yes, it’s a bit of work up front, but once completed it takes down multiple trespassers and there’s never any cleaning required. At the end of the season, one simply backfills and moves on. It’s practically set and forget.

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