Bear Lawyer Revises a Contract

Dear Readers—

“Boswell” here, breaking the fourth wall to bring you up to speed with the recent behind-the-scenes goings-on impacting the world of Bear Lawyer, LLC. As those of you who know me outside of my punning, absurdist illustrated endeavours are (likely) aware, I recently accepted a full-time position with a local, non-law-related firm—a position that has, as a consequence of keeping regular workaday hours, impeded my ability to produce twice-weekly panels in the manner to which I had become accustomed. Although a single BL, LLC panel tends not to take any more than 2-4 solid hours to produce, there are only so many hours within a given day that one can reasonably be expected to tit about in Adobe CS before hands cramp up, eyes grow dim, and buttocks attain the shape and consistency of a hempen sack filled with cottage cheese. One does require a modest measure of active and/or leisure time in the eventide, doesn’t one?

Henceforth, the update schedule for BL, LLC is changing from twice-weekly to but once a week—that is, from Tuesday/Thursday to Tuesday alone, with production being shifted from weekdays to weekends, and subject to amendments and delays accordingly. Who knows? I may even attempt some style and/or format changes as I go, just to spice things up.

All this aside, thank you, dear readers—both for your patience going forward, and for your continued interest in the ongoing (mis)adventures of this well-intended ursine juris doctor.

As ever, I faithfully remain your

Thomas E. Körp
Senior Partner | Bear Lawyer, LLC


One response to “#385

  1. After 4 years of faithful(ish) service to Bear Lawyer’s LLC, Boswell deserves a bit of a life and an actual paycheck. Although, I expect with diminished LLC responsibilities will come diminished contractual perks. Expect those coffee privileges to be x-acted first. Followed by a seizure of any and all office-team-related sports jerseys. And finally, a moved to shared desk with the lowest intern, somewhere near the poison ivy patch.

    (So glad we are not losing BL completely!)

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