Bear Lawyer Denies the Allegation

Yikes. Bear Lawyer doesn’t know what that hot dog vendor was doing in the middle of the field, let alone why he was carting around so many open bottles of ketchup, but even the spicy aroma of a slow-cooked offal tube could not distract BL from his dogged pursuit of the opposing team’s quarterback. Who, BL thinks—without admitting responsibility or culpability for either the penalty or for the injury in question—really ought to have his arm looked at by a medical professional. Maybe just apply steady pressure and wait for an ambulance?


One response to “#384

  1. In fairness, the opposing QBs long-sleeved yellow Green Bay Packers Hoodie made the exact location of the yellow flag ambiguous and it wouldn’t be the first time EMTs have been called to respond to a friendly game involving BL’s team. The other team should have taken reasonable precaution. After all, forewarned is fore . . . uh, nevermind.

    1 part Dawn Dishwashing Liquid (the original blue kind)
    2 parts Hydrogen Peroxide
    Mix together and pour directly on the stain(s).

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