Bear Lawyer Occupies the Field

Under normal circumstances, Bear Lawyer would be more than happy to encourage the young’uns in their love of the beautiful game, and to provide helpful pointers on how best to defend the ball while avoiding the dreaded cartulina roja. Still, what with the inter-firm flag football tournament fast approaching, BL is afraid that he must insist that the officially-posted schedule for this particular pitch be observed and obeyed. After all, a bear’s gotta put his interns through their paces, and these two-a-day sessions won’t run themselves.


4 responses to “#383

    • Perhaps. But Bear Lawyer is a noted proponent of Bucky’s Rules, and is a particular fan of the one whereby, and BL quotes, “[E]very time a player falls down and fakes an injury, the [MMA-trained] ref steps in and administers unto that player the very injury they were faking.” Hell, if Gregory “Soupy” Campbell can finish out his shift with a broken leg, then a striker can continue playing after sustaining a wee bruise to his shin. Harrumph!

  1. Deflating as these lessons can seem now, someday he’ll thank you for teaching him about sharing, time management, and the crushing superiority of bears.

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