Bear Lawyer Discovers a Leak

For as much as he may love the rustic simplicity of his den—the remote location, the sturdy construction, the cozy blend of stone walls, earthen floors, Persian rugs, and modern country furnishings—Bear Lawyer must admit that his domicile has proven remarkably resistant to weatherproofing. Ah, well… at least this counts as having running water, yes?


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  1. Hey, I love your cartoons. I’m currently doing my workplacemonsters cartoon, which takes 2 seconds a piece, and greatlives, also at wordpress, which takes longer. But neither has the classy look your cartoons do, in my opinion. Can you tell me your process? Do you start in Paint and then work in Photoshop? I’ve just got my tablet slimmed-down Photoshop but maybe I should explore. Got any pointers for me? Thanks and great work!

    • Per Boswell—Bear Lawyer’s faithful illustrator-biographer—all Bear Lawyer, LLC panels are drawn and coloured in Adobe Photoshop CS with the aid of a 6×8″ Wacom Intuos3 tablet. Aging kit, certainly, but still quite effective.

      Specifically: Following a(n optional) quick-and-dirty pen-and-paper thumbnail sketch to rough out the composition, everything is digital. The Ps workspace is a not-overlarge 10×10″ @300dpi (eventually scaled down to 800px width for web purposes) with separate layers for the “post-it” paper background, roughs (light blue, 40% trans), ink (solid black, normal), paint (two separate layers using “wet edge” brushes, set to multiply and overlay, respectively), textures and shading/lighting (multiply, overlay, gradient fills, noise and Gaussian blur etc.), and effects such as motion lines and water droplets. Nothing terribly tricky, all things considered.

      Looking at what you have thus far, it would be well worth your while to expand your toolkit. Paint and PS Express (Adobe’s tablet/smartphone app), while handy in a pinch, are nowhere near as flexible as the full-blown Creative Suite, and drawing with a mouse (or with an under-powered tablet) is like drawing with your feet. Wacom tablets are reasonably priced, and cannot be recommended highly enough, but the cost of Adobe CS is downright prohibitive. Mind, there are alternatives—GIMP is a freeware approximation of Photoshop, and the far-more-affordable Manga Studio has steadily been gaining ground as a digital illustrator’s program of choice—so do your research and find what works best for you (and your wallet).

      Also: Look up “process posts” from your favourite digital artists. Yuko Ota, for one, has had quite a few that you might find useful, including animated .gif’s breaking her illustrations down into their basic steps.

      Beyond this: practice and experiment! If you see a style you like, try drawing something like it.

  2. Oh, I forgot to set the notify me button in case you answer. Thanks again.

  3. To sleep, perchance to . . . Shower? Aye, there’s the rub.
    Although to sleep while showering is a mod con of extraordinary efficiency, I’d suggest taking Arms before this leads to a Sea of troubles and getting one’s Fardels (most particularly the silk tie collection!) to a drier Undiscovered country before one ends up in Court with a bare Bodkin.

    • Leak, roof, and drip your drops! plop! plip!
      You stalactites made downspouts, rain
      Till you have drench’d our duvets, drown’d the co’ers!
      You tepid and dream-executing spills,
      Vaunt-couriers to bear-waking deluges,
      Douse this furred head! And thou, all-echoing cavern,
      Ring forth the damp iniquity o’ the world!
      Crack nature’s moulds, an’ waters spill at once,
      That make discomforted bears!

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