Bear Lawyer Relinquishes an Emblement

Bear Lawyer may have been going a little hot and heavy with the Earl Grey this summer—there’s nothing like a smackerel of honey to bring out the essence of bergamot—but he never expected that he might exceed his quarterly allotment of honey. Truly, these are hard times for bee-kind. And for Bear Apiaries, LLC.


2 responses to “#378

  1. Those bee commandos brook no truck with those who mismanaged allotments (garden or otherwise)! But BL minus his honeyed brew? Expect a severe uptick in intraoffice abuse, at least till the end of the quarter.

    • On one paw, Bear Lawyer is positively furious over the apian repossession of his custom-made personalized honey dispenser. On the other, he is well worried for the future of his hives. Colony Collapse Disorder is no laughing matter, and rest assured that BL will make certain to transfer that anxiety to his interns and associates via copious amounts of verbal and physical—*ahem*—”encouragement”.

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