Bear Lawyer Consults a Trustee in Bankruptcy

Don’t be so quick to gloat, O Blonde One. As you well know, if there’s one thing that Bear Lawyer doesn’t do well, it’s lose.


4 responses to “#376

  1. Scotch Jameson

    Great art. I think I see a little of Chris Ware’s influence, but still very unique. Great juxtaposition of animals, framed black and white photos and people.

  2. When a member of the legal profession opts to play a game whose very title is a crime, things cannot end well, especially when said member is liquidated off his assets.

    Although PDQ’s love of client-based high-wire financial management strategies is widely regarded as top flight, squirrels are not known for their long attention span. Next time opt for the new Monopoly Empire — with debtor’s prison removed.

    • If this keeps up, the Invisible Hand of the free market is going to face off with the furred paw of the impoverished bear—in which case the destruction will most certainly be creative. And wholesale.

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