Thank you kindly, young Ricky. (Or is it Timmy?) No matter; just be sure to have those briefs ready by the morning.

Through his many years in the legal profession, Bear Lawyer has determined that the key to happiness is an optimal work–life balance. Specifically, one ought (1) maintain regular office hours, (2) avail oneself of as many vacation days as possible, and (3) never take work home—that’s what interns and junior associates are for.


2 responses to “#373

  1. Obviously not the Last Days of Bear Law. Though I can imagine the terror of interns and junior associates alike every preevening as long arm of the Glen clock nears 4:55!

    • Though rarely clever enough to have graduated at the top of their respective classes, let alone from Tier 1 law schools, Bear Lawyer’s rotating crop of interns and junior associates invariably possess enough competence and low cunning to both complete their assigned mountains of menial tasks and to attempt to shirk said tasks as often as they are able. Hence the weighty iron anklets/ID tags—the wearing of which is contractually required when in the office-glen—whose secondary purpose is to keep the cannier JDs from scarpering off upon hearing their ursine employer caroming through the brush with binders in paw.

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