Bear Lawyer Exercises Judicious Discretion

Please Note: What passes for sound reasoning and expert judgment in the heat-addled mind of a peckish bear ambling through the park during the height of the dog days of summer may not necessarily apply to and/or be adapted for the general public. Consider it ad hoc, and proceed with caution.

4 responses to “#371

  1. Refrain, BL, refrain. Meyr for Mayor is preferable to that other weiner. Oskar’s just looking for an endorsement — and not of the “mmm, mmm, good” kind.

    • Luckily, Bear Lawyer was being served by an activist vendor, who had the insight and foresight to splash an ice cold lemonade on our slightly heat-stricken ursine attorney—followed by a quick dozen dogs-with-everything shoved into his gaping maw—thereby enabling Oskar Meyr to beat a waddling retreat back to his largely-oblivious owner. Bear fed, crisis averted!

  2. One of the lost maxims of jurisprudence: “If you eat the street meat outside the courthouse on your lunch break, you’re gonna have a bad time.”

    • That may be true of your average J.D., but Bear Lawyer is blessed with an ironclad stomach capable of digesting even the longest-languishing and least-recommended of street-vended foodstuffs. Though it must be said that said digestion may come with price, to be paid by any persons downwind and/or within close quarters of our humble ursine attorney. Bad times, indeed.

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