Bear Lawyer Witnesses the GrillGiven his lax concept of time, innate comfort with a raw foods, and generally un-picky eating habits regarding slightly spoiled and/or grossly overcooked comestibles, Bear Lawyer may not be the best person to leave in charge of one’s holiday barbecue. Might be better off with a bit of take-away, really.

Happy (American) Independence Day from Bear Lawyer, LLC!


2 responses to “#369

  1. Far Away Books

    As the Founders themselves knew, celebrations are but an excuse to open the cellar. Madeira being the drink of choice. Every public event from the signing of the Declaration of Independence to George Washington’s Inauguration was toasted with a glass of Madeira. Pairs well with everything — including culinary disaster.

    • For his part, Bear Lawyer always preferred the rum punch at the City Tavern—or, if venturing further north, the hard cider at the Bunch-of-Grapes. Likewise, BL, in the spirit(s) of many a Continental Congressman, has the unfortunate Independence Day tendency, per Poor Richard, to get cherry-merry and wamble-crop’d, piss-in-the-brook and head-full-of-bees, fuzl’d, jolly, and nimptopsical, all while clipping the King’s English and making the Virginia fence.

      Which is probably why the above-seen barbecue is a bit, shall we say, overdone?

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