Bear Lawyer Entertains a GuestThough his presence may be as welcome as that of ants at a picnic—a particularly shameful adage, that, as Bear Lawyer has known many formicidae whom he would not hesitate to describe as remarkably polite and altogether pleasant (the graceless clambering of their innumerable friends and relations notwithstanding)—far be it from BL to deny any seeker of woodland recreation the sublime joy of his company, however unexpected or uninvited, especially when they happen to set up camp within a stone’s throw of the office-glen.


2 responses to “#368

  1. Yes, people claim they want to reacquaint themselves with the wonders of Nature, but when her foremost Ambassador up to share a little one on one good will . . . it’s back to the Airstream.

    Probably for the best. There’s a reason people who choose Airstreams are nicknamed “Canned Food.” Not too wilderness savvy that lot.

  2. If Bear Lawyer has learned anything from his previous attempts at urso-human outreach, it’s that it’s usually best not to force the issue. Far better to simply hang back and wait for one’s quarry to approach of his or her own accord (whether from curiosity or from hunger) than to force one’s way into the cramped confines of an aluminium camper with hot beverages and board games in tow—something always gets spilled that way.

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