Bear Lawyer Aids a Known FugitiveLoath though he may be to break the law, Bear Lawyer is more than sympathetic to your plight, young Rusty, and keenly feels your desire to live and love freely outside of the gilded enclosure which a group of well-intended conservationists have wrought for your personal safety and for the well-being of your species. More to the point, he happens to know a bear who knows a bear who ought to be able to smuggle you out to the deepest jungles of darkest Peru (by way of Hawaii, Hong Kong, Russia, and Cuba), provided that you are able to lay low for a little while and avoid getting wrapped up with any rogue intelligence contractors along the way.


2 responses to “#367

  1. Hair dye, a little acting, a fake passport . . . yeah, Rusty could travel to Peru as a sloth, albeit very slowly.

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