Bear Lawyer Experiences Emotional DistressPardon the interruption of your normal viewing experience, fellow publick house patron and presumable comrade in hockey, but Bear Lawyer tends to get a touch trepidatious as the Stanley Cup Finals near their thrilling conclusion, and may, at times, require a firm hug to help soothe his frazzled nerves.


2 responses to “#366

  1. At this point, hugs to relieve emotional distress are a far better choice for a Bruin fan (and a bear!) than nail biting — though the nearest huggable hipster and NHL enthusiast might not always agree.

    • If said hockey-abiding hipsters and barroom bros are worried about seeming “unmanly” by comforting an anxious Bear Lawyer in his time of need, they could always play it off as a sudden scrum, or an unexpected bout of bear-wrasslin’. “Chicks dig scars”, etc.—and there will be scars.

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