Bear Lawyer Readies an Informal Complaint

Bear Lawyer can only take so much of your mewling, young dumetella carolinensis. Best move along before a bear is forced to do more than yell to protect his territory.


4 responses to “#365

  1. Clearly FCC’s regulation of local station TCS (the catbird’s seat) and its attention-seeking broadcasters is not all it could be. As your complaint is readied, sir, feel free to . . . File that sucker!

    • A warning shot across the bow should be enough to rout this peculiarly rancourous felivox, enviable though its position may be. Failing that, Bear Lawyer is ready and willing to follow up with a far more direct and pointed C&D (to be delivered via birdshot) as required.

  2. I wish we could serve summons and complaint via slingshot. Oh well. I suppose we’ll have to make do with the ol’ “nail and mail.”

    • Ah, yes—that’s when you affix a copy of your summons and/or complaint to the intended’s epidermis via tack and hammer, with an additional copy of said summons and/or complaint being sent in the post (along with a package of plasters) for good measure, no?

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