Bear Lawyer Sweeps His Office for Bugs

Loath as he may be to upset the careful balance of the local ecosystem, Bear Lawyer is this close to fumigating the entire office-glen. Information security is no laughing matter in this day and age, particularly as an outsider’s passing glance at BL’s love of labyrinthine tax-avoidant practices involving shadowy overseas entities might land him on the wrong end of a very messy FISA investigation.


2 responses to “#363

  1. Obviously from their coats they’re a cadre of underground “reds.” The real question is why is the SVR spying on BL? Perhaps the answer can be found on their tiny computer.

    • “Underground ‘reds'”? Hrm… Bear Lawyer may need to have his eyes checked, but these insect interlopers don’t look like solenopsis invicta to him…

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