Bear Lawyer Accepts a Quid Pro Quo

Scratch Bear Lawyer’s back, and he’ll scratch yours—though, as a necessary disclaimer, BL makes no guarantees or assurances as to the likelihood or severity of any injury which might potentially be sustained during the latter half of said reciprocal back-scratching session. So, proceed with caution.


4 responses to “#359

  1. Ah, the things advocates will do to put BL in a good mood during a delicate legal negotiation.

  2. Perhaps a reciprocal back scratching is not the wisest thing for a bear to attempt on a human. Perhaps chiropractics would be better, as this would make better use of BL’s size and strength, and be useful for keeping up negotiation skills.

    • Bear Lawyer would fain leave the adjustments to the professionals—say, to a certain squirrely CPA—particularly as his liability for practicing medicine without a license would be most excessive.

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