Bear Lawyer Phones It In

Long weekend? Aw yiss. Have fun at work, suckers!


2 responses to “#358

  1. For the postcards, does BL plan to rack up some frequent flyer miles going abroad (#78, #79) or is air travel a nonstarter (#113)? Is he staying in the greater Tri-State Area (#114)? Or is he looking to go as far as the his scooter will take him (perhaps as far as the end of time #289)? Honestly, a bear with his love of pastry, scooters, and haberdashery really needs to visit Paris. But Quebec City would do.

    • Traveling across time and relative dimensions in space is right out—the big blue box having since scarpered off, cool fez in tow—so the likes of Victorian England and Hedgewick’s World of Wonders must sadly go unrepresented.

      Contemporary terrestrial destinations, however, are all prime for the visiting.

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