Bear Lawyer Hosts a Peaceable Assembly

Bearing in mind (1) that it’s still relatively early into the playoff season, (2) that Bertram is only on his first serving of Torontonian syrup, (3) that PDQ has not yet shed all over the popping corn, and (4) that Bear Lawyer is waiting to tap his logs of Pollenator®, one can only guess as to when this friendly gathering of fans of the fastest game on earth will erupt into a furious mess of riotous bickering and violent partisanship.


2 responses to “#352

  1. Holy hot dogs, BL, you still have a stash of the now retired Pollenator!? Don’t tell any beer aficionados. If word gets out, things could turn ugly.

    And Note to Boswell: Two thumbs way up. Love, love, love everything about this one.

    As for the just the art part? Excellent shading and composition. The lighting over PDQ and Bertram is brilliant. And the juxtaposition of the two with PDQ in the foreground, with just the corner of his bowl in front of Bertram’s foot, makes the illusion of depth all the more realistic.

    And the perspective on Bertram? Perfect! Very few artists can make someone look good at a reclined angle. John Singer Sargent (Lady Agnew of Lochnaw) is the only one that comes to mind. Good job!

    • Well, now you know why that particular seasonal brew is so rare—bears can be quite the heavy drinkers, and prefer to stockpile/gorge in advance of a coming season.

      That, and Bear Lawyer has nothing to fear from the predations of craft-ale aficionados with a hankering for limited-edition brews, as he is ready, willing, and most certainly able to defend his stockpile with tooth and claw (and, if need be, cricket bat and daitō). Trespassers beware!

      It’s difficult to tell exactly what Boswell is trying to say—his drubbing for Tuesday’s tardiness was most severe, and one can only communicate so much whilst in traction—but Bear Lawyer is of the belief that his various gurgles and twitches are intended as thanks for the kind words and studied analysis, and as a happenstantial reminder that Bertram and Lady Agnew are not alone in their comfortable, comely repose.

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