Bear Lawyer Discovers a Noxious Nuisance

As unwelcome a visitor as an anxious mephitis mephitis might be, Bear Lawyer is less distressed than relieved by the presence of this noisome interloper, particularly as the pungent aroma of its defensive thiol compounds can be distressingly similar to that of burnt coffee, the latter often being indicative of a badly malfunctioning drip brewer—a break room tragedy that would, in turn, be remarkably detrimental to Bear Lawyer’s well-being, as well as to the interns and associates who would soon face his under-caffeinated wrath.


2 responses to “#351

  1. Where else would a distressed Mephitis go but to Bear Lawyer’s offices? And as the coffee is already brewed, one of the interns can douse the grounds around to office remove any offending odor without BL losing a single cup of that precious Volcan de Fuego Guacatepeque.

    • All visits by appointment only.

      That, and skunks are crepuscular, so the question remains as to why this particular polecat was caught skulking in the break-clearing during the late morning hours. Something doesn’t smell right, and it’s not just the stench of thiol.

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