Bear Lawyer Solitics Charitable Donations

Do your civic duty! Step right up and give a pint (or several)! Though not mandatory, compliance is strongly encouraged, and know that Bear Lawyer is well-prepared to (man)handle this the easy way or the Chára way. Either/or, rest assured that cookies and juice will be provided at the end—blood drives can be quite draining, and one wouldn’t want a bear to get peckish.

In all seriousness, Monday was a right tragic mess for Boston. Take a moment to find out how you can help with relief efforts in the days and weeks ahead:

The One Fund
American Red Cross

ADDENDUM: And then there’s West, Texas. Click here to learn what you can do to help.


2 responses to “#349

  1. Venipuncture by bear claw followed by juice and a bear claw? Well, all in a good cause!

    • Medieval though the method may be, a bear’s gotta do what a bear’s gotta do.

      (Though, to be honest, one might be better off donating via the Red Cross than the Red Claws—sadly, the name of the latter tends to be a bit literal.)

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