Bear Lawer is Made an Illusory Promise

Though well-versed in the wide and varied non-verbal communication methods of the natural world, Bear Lawyer’s ASL is more than a little rusty—ditto for his Francophonic pantomime—to the point where he is discomfortingly unsure of his resolutely mute accoster’s intent. Is he offering a freshly-picked flower? Holding aloft a bottle of wine, or perhaps a Burr grinder? Or is he intimating some sort of bawdy gesture peculiar to the school of Marcel Marceau? Either way, Bear Lawyer has absolutely no intention of paying, let alone performing, and hopes to hie well away before young Claude (or Jean-Pierre, or whoever) here can conjure his magical transparent cage.


4 responses to “#347

  1. Ah, another seemingly innocent MimeMining.co representative. Well known for offering free cookies to passing strangers, BL is right to feel unsure of its intent. They frequently change their terms and conditions but never notify their users, whisk your data away to sell to the highest bidder, and when you complain all they do is point to a tear on their cheek and give you the sad face.

    • The eerie thing was, as Bear Lawyer attempted to scarper past yonder street performer, an invisible lariat pulled him back in for the full sales pitch. After a solid twenty minutes of only incomprehensible mimicry and stumbling slight-of-hand, young Phillipe (or was it Gaston?), his performance concluded, leaped over a nearby bush and proceeded to saunter down a heretofore concealed—and, thereafter, mysteriously absent—flight of stairs.

  2. Is BL taking a silent on the NYC soda ban?

    • Bear Lawyer has, as yet, no opinion on the still-pending ban, though he believes that his ursine nature may offer grounds for an exemption or, at the very least, a scaling of sizes to be more in keeping with his significantly faster metabolism and higher recommended daily caloric allotment.

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