Bear Laywer Intends to Argue Comparative Negligence

Whu-oh. In a bit of bad news for the New York Barristers, it would appear as though a tragic accident during routine hitting and fielding drills has removed easily-distracted starting pitcher Richie “Reckless Thing” Williamson to the Barristers’ DL, meaning that Williamson’s extravagant on-mound posturing and unreliable delivery will be not be available to keep the Wall Street Stockjobbers on their speculative toes during Wednesday’s game.


2 responses to “#344

  1. Oh, come on, this is baseball! One or two EpiPens to Richie’s ticker and he’ll be up and pitching with perfect focus. And isn’t that all that really matters?

    • Bear Lawyer doesn’t know about that. Epinephrine might not react too well with all that Bulk-Up Cream’n’Clear which Richie had been swilling in the dugout… but it never hurts to try. He might need to check before administering aid, but BL is fairly certain that the preseason waiver accounts for mid-game fatalities due to harmful interactions between “performance enhancers” and other substances, medicinal or otherwise.

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