Bear Lawyer Races to the Courthouse

Although Bear Lawyer may have missed the bulk of the heated, protest-flavoured hullabaloo surrounding Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s oral arguments for Hollingsworth v. Perry and United States v. Windsor, respectively—and thereby lost out on a potentially lucrative round of family-law-specific networking with coniuges in potentia (modestly-priced prenups, etc.)—the Supreme Court’s Friday conference, which includes a petition for a writ of certiorari for American Petroleum Institute v. EPA, should be just as exciting. Provided, of course, that Bear Lawyer is somehow able to sneak or cajole his way inside the Justices’ sealed chambers.


2 responses to “#343

  1. Potentially lucrative round of family-law-specific networking is still within reach, BL. Check out the Cherry Blossoms — always a number of lovers lurking there. Peak bloom is supposed to occur April 3. Snag your spot early!

    • Ah, springtime in the District! The sweet smell of cherry blossoms, the sunny afternoon strolls on the National Mall, the dapperly-dressed ursine attorney slyly sneaking business cards into the pockets and purses of young couples. Love is in the air, and Bear Lawyer hopes to capitalize upon it.

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