The New York State Code may not allow for process to be served by FAX—which is probably for the best, considering the debilitating effect that inclement weather can have on electronic devices and paper supplies at the rustic woodland offices of Bear Lawyer, LLC—but, pursuant to Article 3 § 307 & 310 of the Surrogate’s Court Procedure Act, the state does permit “special mail service” by “any person over the age of 18” (that is, over the age of majority, presumably adjusted for species), in which case the fine furréd couriers of Vul-PS should be more than up to the task of tracking down and delivering (and returning a duly signed receipt for) said legal documents to the frustratingly evasive party in question.


2 responses to “#342

  1. Far Away Books

    No one outfoxes a fox. Although they are well know to enjoy playing with their catch before finishing off their business. It might explain the rather shaky looking receipt signatures. Love the uniforms!

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