Bear Lawyer(s) Meet and Confer

As has been mentioned previously, Bear Lawyer, LLC is, at its warm-and-fuzzy core, an inside joke writ large. Just so, Bear Lawyer is happy to see that his non-ursine brother from another mother (and unwitting litigious doppelgänger) has safely returned to the land of the free and the home of the brave after a long (and frequently sodden) year spent arbitrating international disputes in southeast Asia and points beyond.

Welcome home, good sir. Let a bear know if you need any help finding a reliable source of salmon and/or honey.


4 responses to “#341

  1. No lawyer ever practices alone. Even the dreaded ursus arctos iurisconsultus.

    • Territorial though he may be, Bear Lawyer is of the belief that New York City can (probably) accommodate more than one bear-like attorney—provided that they can come to terms with regards to fishing rights and neutral/common ground(s).

  2. Reunited at last . . . sweet! Especially if he brought BL some token gift such as prahok.

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