Oh, sure—Senators Durbin (D-IL) and Cornyn (R-TX) go streaking through the Capitol, lashing interns left and right with leather thongs in observance of Lupercalia, and everyone grins and laughs at “crazy ol’ Dick and John” and their “wacky shenanigans”. But when Bear Lawyer gives an impassioned defense of the National Endowment for the Arts, including audience-aided reproductions of select scenes from the works of William Shakespeare, it’s nothing but tears and screaming and “Help! Help! Senator Paul’s been stabbed!”

Honestly, now. Someone had to play the part of Julius Caesar.


2 responses to “#339

  1. The Secret Service will understand that BL, who is not infallible (hence, his recent papal candidacy’s lack of traction), would not have noticed the retractable prop dagger had been switched by a disgruntled fellow thespian prior to the curtain rising. As for Senator Paul play Julius, the choice was purely random — although, he certainly is Gauling.

    • That, and there was a memo/waiver circulated prior to the performance—heading: “Be Aware of the Ides of March!”—so it’s not as if the (non-fatally) exsanguinated Junior Senator from Kentucky was not aware of what was in store.

      To be honest, Bear Lawyer initially thought that young Paul had gone the extra mile and worn a blood bag for added dramatic effect (as is his wont).

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