Bear Lawyer Provides a Special Supplement

Ah, yes. Daylight Saving Time is in effect, which means that spring is fast approaching, and with it, the return of intramural baseball season. Which also means that Bear Lawyer’s highly competitive New York Barristers must once again resume their strenuous training regiment of ladder drills, batting practice, high-impact run-downs, and sundry punishing routines. Also: blood and plasma transfusions (for injuries sustained during practice), anabolic steroid regiments (to combat anemia from said injuries), and hormone therapy (for idiopathic short stature)—all in one handy-dandy powdered sports drink from the fine (and presumably law-abiding) folk at Bulk-Up Cream’n’Clear. “Get Juiced!”™

(Oh, and while you’re here, might as well root, root, root for the home team by purchasing some official New York Barristers merchandise from the equally official Bear Lawyer, LLC Internet Shoppe.)


4 responses to “#338

  1. I find the steroids always help get me goin’! 🙂

    • Truly, there’s nothing like the smell of ‘roid-infused coffee in the morning.*

      *Steroid-infused coffee is not recommended for in-office use. Trust a bear on this one. Tried it once; it did not end well, took a few seasons to get the stains out of the glen. Messy messy.

  2. Bulk-Up and an extra hour of daylight training every day? Team Glen can’t possibly fail to secure the Pennant! Followed by Congressional hearings, FBI investigations, tearful denials on Oprah, and finally . . . BL’s captain’s jersey enshrined in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Way to play the game.

    (Please let Boswell know the link to the Shoppe is broken)

    • As the saying goes, any game worth playing is a game worth winning.

      Also: after a quick drubbing for his carelessness, a moderately bruised Boswell has fixed the offending link… and will likely have to sit out the first few games of the season.

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