Admittedly, Bear Lawyer has no one but himself to blame for his present sartorial dilemma. While online purchases may be inherently prone to error, bear-sized neckties are decidedly rare as these things go, and odds are that BL failed to note the length before checking out. Not that this constitutes a valid reason for missing a due date for filing an appeal, but still—Bear Lawyer anticipates that the honourable (and invariably well-dressed) Judge Nathaniel “Natty” Popinjay will be more than sympathetic to the heart-wrenching dilemma posed by an ill-fitting jacquard cravat, as well as to the debilitating effect that such an unexpected wardrobe malfunction can have on any self-respecting attorney’s day-to-day.

After all, when clothes make the man/bear, a man/bear can just as easily be unmade by his clothes.


3 responses to “#337

  1. You are a very clever bear, Bear Lawyer. 🙂

  2. A lawyer can ill afford to offer Judge Popinjay any sartorial distraction.

    Natty’s attention to detail (regarding a costume gone wrong) is well known to override his ability to hear a case. For but one example, see his much derided and currently being appealed Nickety v. Pers decision. The obsessively scrawled facts of the case — entirely regarding the youthful defense attorney’s choice of a leopard print trilby — was far better fashion critique than judicial opinion.

    Truly, it is the client’s best interest that BL turn up late but well turned out before Judge Popinjay.

    • Under normal circumstances, Bear Lawyer would wholly support Pers’ (or was it Nickety’s?) right to appeal—and perhaps even draft an amicus brief besides—but the wearing of a leopard-print trilby during trial proceedings means that any and all abuse of discretion occurred on the part of the aforementioned lawyer and his ill-formed sense of fashion, not the righteously indignant Judge Popinjay. Hats in the courtroom indeed!

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