Bear Lawyer Considers the Evidence

3 responses to “#333

  1. Barrister Brownapple with the bronze bust of Brynner? Wow. Didn’t see that coming.

    I was betting on Blackberry’s butler Barker with the bucket of bitter batter scullion Betty binned after buying the better butter.

    • Contrary to the indignant insinuations of ill intent injected into the course of the amateur investigation by the soon-to-be indicted Barrister Brownapple, Barker the butler was barely bothered by the bucket of bitter batter which the bumbling Betty had beaten before belatedly binning her blunder and bustling off to buy the better butter for another batch of batter. Rather, the magnanimous manservant was modestly mortified that a mistaken maid’s mixing miscue might make his master miss a mouthwatering morsel, and simply sought to swiftly swap the spoiled souffle for something suitably scrumptious. (Crêpes à la ratatouille, unless Bear Lawyer’s nose deceives him.)

      Besides, Lord Blackberry’s bashed-in bonce—his burgundy blood strewn across an erstwhile-standing silken screen slyly stowed beside a sofa in the second solarium—could scarcely have been slung about so sloppily by a burdensome bucket of bitter batter. Nay, it was the baleful bronze bust of Brynner, held in high honour on a shelf in the solarium, which the blackmailed barrister bent to his embittered belligerence.

  2. A-hee-hee, I likem that there bear wearing a tie likens people

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