Bear Lawyer Denies Culpability


2 responses to “#332

  1. Tower height v. player height, it may have been a mistake for PDQ to engage in Jenga — especially if to even the competition BL agreed to two-pawed grabs and scampering up said tower block in maw. On the other hand, luck of the [sc-] Iurus?

    • As a certified public accountant, PDQ would much rather play something finance and/or market-oriented—say, Monopoly, Settlers of Catan, or Hungry Hungry Hippos—than deal with glorified, outsized building blocks, but he’s heard tale of Bear Lawyer’s poor sportsmanship (not to mention his harsh treatment of debtors), so the occasional structural collapse is probably preferable to a full-blown tempter tantrum and/or all-too-literal shakedown.

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