Bear Lawyer Negotiates a Drone Strike


4 responses to “#329

  1. Once drones strike, there’s no going back. BL best be prepared to tell the queen to buzz off — then run for cover post-haste.

    • A tough but fair negotiator with time to spare, Bear Lawyer hopes to be able to come to terms with his rioting worker-bees and their rabble-rousing liege before their malcontent spreads to the other colonies and/or impacts Q2’s honey production estimates. Failing that, Bear Lawyer has a smoke can at the ready, and is not above promoting regime change to protect his interests.

  2. Methinks Bear Lawyer’s “secret” legal analysis of the issue wasn’t very persuasive…

    • Fortunately for Bear Lawyer, the revolting colonists are citizens of a matriarchal monarchy sans constitution and legislature, so the violent suppression of public protests is not illegal per se, and par for the course in any case. Worst case scenario, BL will play the role of the non-native queen-maker, arrange the removal of the present leadership, and replace it with a pupae regime amenable to the needs of Bear Apiaries, LLC.

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