Bear Lawyer Observes in Absentia

4 responses to “#326

  1. Creepy but effective, especially if electronic roaring can be emitted via the Pawbook when undesirable activity is noticed.

    (An intern that forgets his snowshoes at work?! That is not a keeper.)

    • Prerecorded roars are well and good, but Bear Lawyer has found that scattering remotely-operated air horns throughout the office-glen is far more effective. Nothing like a short sharp shot of noise-induced adrenaline to correct aberrant behaviour and increase productivity.

      Although Gerald(?)’s apparent lack of cold weather survival skills is terribly disappointing, particularly in light of the fact that snowshoe crafting and other such useful nuggets were covered during orientation, with detailed instructions included in the employee handbook besides, the truth of the matter is that it is exceptionally difficult to find good help these days. The better the applicant, the more likely s/he is to pay attention to the fine print of his or her contract, which includes a rather lengthy list of occupational (ultra)hazards—plus attendant waivers, indemnities, NDAs, etc.—and to balk accordingly.

  2. Forget the White Walkers… the White(shoe) Lawyers are coming! (IIRC, BL is a Game of Thrones fan, no?)

    • Indeed. Matter o’ fact, Bear Lawyer has taken a page or two from the Old Bear of the Night’s Watch as far as recruiting is concerned, and has been known to range far and wide in search of whatever dregs the upper tiers might have to offer to swell his dwindling pool of interns.

      Not to mention his methods of punishing would-be deserters…

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