Bear Lawyer Considers Unfair Competition


2 responses to “#324

  1. The range of players that could appear for team Scuiridae (not to be confused with team Schenectady) might even things out. The Northern Flying Squirrel is known for its particularly spectacular manner of directing the puck and a fondness for boarding.

    • Not likely. Flying squirrels or no, Team Ursus’ defense is virtually impenetrable, albeit generally insensible. Although Bear Lawyer is hard-pressed to field an all-bear team in the bleak midwinter—and must typically resort to hiring (and then conscripting) burlier interns to bridge the hibernation gap—he was able to coax a rather portly ursus americanus onto the ice with promises of salmon and honey, whereat the bulky black bear promptly resumed his long winter’s nap right in front of the goal.

      Granted, under normal circumstances, Bear Lawyer would have little to no patience for such lethargy on his team, he really cannot argue with a 1.000 SV%.

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