Bear Lawyer Discusses Strict Liability


4 responses to “#322

  1. Flu transmission is preventable if creatures can be induced to wear masks and avoid social interactions while actively ill. Humans definitely seem way more liable here, opposable thumbs being highly conducive to tying little bows and turning on taps to wash hands!

    • Bear Lawyer probably caught a bug from the latrine. As little more than a deep trench at the base of a well-fertilized tree, it’s not the most sanitary of stations on any given day, but in the wintertime, when the ground freezes, it’s downright despicable.

  2. Flu is a good reason to telework. The only thing worse than a lawyer with the flu are clients and office staff with the flu!

    • Would that the thick rock walls of Bear Lawyer’s not-so-distant den could accommodate a half-decent wireless signal! There’s nothing that BL would love more than to ignore the contents of his inbox from the comfort of his own home.

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