Bear Lawyer Powers Through


4 responses to “#320

  1. Bear Lawyer should keep some instant breakfast and 2% milk on hand. It’s an excellent hangover remedy and late-night/early morning meal.

    • Given his hardy ursine constitution, hangovers are an infrequent issue for Bear Lawyer, and are quickly remedied by a hair (or several) from the boozy canine which had bitten him the previous night—typically administered in the form of Irish Coffee, Hot Toddies, and Prairie Oysters.

      Still… this “Instant Breakfast” business does work well as nutrient-rich hot cocoa in a pinch, and could reasonably withstand a few fingers of Bailey’s…

  2. The interns fled? It seems more likely BL’s will-broken, er, well broke in interns were dragged out to tap the glen’s sugar maples and then carried off to slave in a secret processing plant just over the border. BL really needs to microchip those interns as he gets them.

    • Hrm… while French-Canadians are notoriously less polite than their provincial neighbours (a difference of degrees Celsius, really), l’Entente Sirop Quebec has never failed to leave a heartfelt, hand-written apology note and well-appointed gift basket in the wake of a mass kidnapping, drive-by poutine-ing, or other such high-profile crime. Very particular, and well-mannered.

      That, and Bear Lawyer has already tracked down a few of his stray interns and “calmly” reminded them of their contractual obligations to the firm, as well as demonstrated one or more of the explicitly-stated and -stipulated penalties for breaching said contract. Fortunately for the exemplary intern, it’s nothing that a bit of gauze, plaster, and time cannot remedy, and should be all the warning the other AWOL interns need to return to their posts.

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