Bear Lawyer Collects a Gift Tax


2 responses to “#318

  1. Damaging the brand identity of Claus Industries’ via subverting its trademark activity — freewill Christmas gift-giving?

    Allowing clients to gift BL their out-of-state, multimillion-dollar honey operations — to avoid local state taxation?

    Given BL’s past run-ins with both Claus Industries and Gov Christie, if the world weren’t ending Friday, I’d be very concerned.

    • While Bear Lawyer cannot be certain (and is under no obligation to disclose in any case) whether or not the contractually-mandated gifts received from his clients and employees were in some way used as a means of avoiding state or local taxes by their respective givers, he is absolutely certain that the total value is (by design) less than the IRC-alloted US$13,000 annual exclusion for FY2012. Non nocet causatur, nullum scelus perpetratum est.

      As for the corpulent entities with whom BL has had less-than-harmonious Yuletide encounters in the not-so-distant past, it would seem as though both the CEO of Claus Industries and the Mendacious Man from Mendham have more pressing concerns at the present—suppression of elfin labourers, preparations for upcoming elections, etc.—though that could very well change before the year is out.

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