Bear Lawyer Moves to Dismiss

2 responses to “#313

  1. Bear Lawyer might want to quash that dismissal. Seems like pink is better than he thinks, according to a recent study:

    • Hrm… that study seems to fall prey to the ol’ “correlation = causation” fallacy, as the decision of a given male to wear pink despite its pop-culturally-conferred aura of femininity is likely little more than an outward sign of personal confidence—confidence which, when accompanied by intra-office assertiveness and interpersonal gregariousness, would be the underlying cause of higher wages and improved romantic potential. It’s not the wearing of the colour per se, but the implied persona of the person wearing it, with the presence of the former being no guarantee of the veracity of the latter.

      In any case, Bear Lawyer determines his own wages, and she-bears do not appear to be impressed by his attire one way or the other—not as far as BL can tell, at least. They tend to be very hard to read and even harder to woo, as most wild specimens lack the cosmopolitan civility which a genteel outlier such as Bear Lawyer has come to expect from his day-to-day interactions with clients, merchants, and underlings.

      Be that as it may, Bear Lawyer’s complaints against Sig. Antonio have less to do with the end result of the recent laundry debacle than the inattentiveness and laxity from which it stemmed. It’s a failure to perform, plain and simple, and Bear Lawyer would be remiss to not hold his employees accountable for their (in)actions, and to reproach or remove them accordingly.

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