BL309 – Bear Lawyer honestly does not understand why the young intern looks so non-plussed—it’s a high-profile assignment at best and a temporary/terminal assignment at worst, and in all likelihood he’ll be back to fetching coffee, researching precedent, draughting memoranda, and dodging remonstrative buffets in no time at all, plus or minus a ballistic souvenir. Besides, that dashing suit is rated a Type IV by the NIJ, and Bear Lawyer is remarkably adept at “neutralizing” would-be assailants, so the intern’s risk of bodily harm is roughly the same as when performing his other menial office-glen labours. BL just hopes that this less-than-amicable decoy is (1) ready to hit the dirt at a moment’s notice and (2) conscious of the fact that he will be responsible for any and all dry-cleaning expenses. Best keep the bleeding to a minimum.

Bear Lawyer Resorts to Deceptive Practices

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