Bear Lawyer Sleeps It Off


2 responses to “#308

  1. And that’s just what the electorate used to look like the day after voting — before they banned polling stations in saloons. Sigh. I really miss those days.

    • Forget the Electoral College—from here on out, any candidate for the Office of the President of the United States of America shall be required to pound shots of rail whiskey ’til such time as s/he is scarcely able to stand under his/her own power (as determined by BAC and standard-issue roadside impairment tests), at which point s/he will be spun around thirteen times and shoved in the general direction of a series of star-spangled podiums placed upon a patriotically-adorned dais. First candidate to be able to provide cogent, moderately coherent answers to a series of foreign and domestic policy questions without vomiting and/or passing out shall be awarded the Office.

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