Bear Lawyer Gets Out the Vote


3 responses to “#307

  1. As an (now really exhausted!) Election Inspector, I applaud Bear Lawyer’s non-partisan “Get Out The Vote” effort. However, I am concerned that his signatory efforts on behalf of the professorial-looking gentleman might be crossing the “Assisted Voter” line into some grey “electoral misconduct” area. I shall wait to see if BL decides to assist the gentlevoter in his private booth before voicing a concern.

    • Bear Lawyer maintains that it’s not voter intimidation—let alone electoral misconduct—if all he does is force the appropriately-aged citizen into voting qua voting. No implication of a favourite candidate, no partisan pressure, just a firm paw on the shoulder as the would-be voter is lead into the polling place, followed by a rough bearhandling up to the registration table, then a stern shove into the voting booth (BL has the good sense to wait outside), and, finally, an enthusiastic bear hug once the ballot has been cast. Easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy.

      Oh, and a sticker. Stickers are neat.

  2. I hope you signed your assistance affidavits. Otherwise, GET BEHIND THE 100 FEET.

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