Bear Lawyer Braves the Elements

2 responses to “#305

  1. Sure, times are tough. But BL can’t need a client this badly!

    This sketchy “Me” character with piglet issue will surely prove to be some jokester preying upon BL’s email addiction for his own amusement.

    Please, sir, refer this “Me” to Robinson, Owl & Roo, and swim away from the pawbook — while there’s still time!

    • Looking over the details of Me’s claim against his insurance provider for flood- and pig-related damages incurred during a recent storm, it would appear as though the original owner of the by all means very grand residence at 1 Beech Tree, Deep-in-the-Hundred-Acre-Wood, East Sussex—one Trespassers William, the grandsire of the plaintiff—did knowingly build his home in the middle of a well-documented 100-year flood plain (denoted as “the floody place” on Hundred-Acre maps dating back to the late 18th century), and that both he and his heirs had neglected to pay the prerequisite higher premiums associated with such a high-risk domicile. As such, the related coverage had lapsed quite some time ago, meaning that Me has precious little claim in this case.

      ‘Tis a sticky wicket, this one, and even the storied Hundred-Acre firm of ROR&G (Gopher being so silent of a partner that his name is never featured on the official company letterhead, let alone in the books) would find this case to be a tough hay-corn to crack. Not to mention the inherent conflict of interest between the plaintiff and ROR&G’s Owl, who had at one point been the less-than-rightful owner of 1 Beech Tree, thanks to a bit of real-estate fraud on the part of a local homeless sad-sack. From what Bear Lawyer has heard from his ursine associates in the area, the “Donkey Swindle” remains something of a scandal to this day, in which case ROR&G would do well to stay away.

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