Bear Lawyer Inspects a Claim


2 responses to “#304

  1. Perhaps the owner of the car is somewhat responsible? Did the vehicle meet all crash-test standards? Adequate seat belts, air bags, etc. Were the keys left in the vehicle with the motor running, while he stepped out to clown around?

    Even if Mr McRoary did the unthinkable and ingested said owner in taking possession of the driver’s seat, that’s a separate case and still doesn’t negate said clown’s liability. Does it?

    • Given his own past experiences with the circus, Bear Lawyer is fairly certain the the vehicle in question was scarcely safe enough to be driven under the Big Top, let alone out on the open road. But the less-than-legal manner of Mr. McRoary’s acquisition and subsequent operation of said vehicle should be irrelevant to the case at hand, as hundreds of witnesses can attest that it was wet recklessness on the part of Saša the Motorcycling Bear (who certainly loves his fermented honey) which resulted in the catastrophic clown car collision.

      Red noses and squeaky shoes rudely scattered about, tattered bits of harlequin and tufts of multi-coloured wigs fluttering around the flaming debris… it truly was a performance to remember, albeit more in the sense of a PTSD flashback than a fond reminiscence.

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