Bear Lawyer Requests a Specific Finding


2 responses to “#303

  1. Finally someone asks a cogent question!

    Yeah, sure Derwyn, not wishing to offend Autstral-Asian relations, will move the conversation to failed previous administration EPA strategies that get Bayer (responsible for making the pesticide causing Colony Collapse Disorder) off the hook.

    And Earnest will redirect with the comment “isn’t the problem really those imported Austraiian bees now taking American bee jobs? Do they even have visas? They should self-deport!”

    But I’m confident BL, using the Carrot and Stick Moderation Method, can get to the truth. Because all the public really wants to know is will there be honey!

    • … and if there will not, how might one best capitalize on the impending shortage?

      After the tumultuous debt-ceiling market swings of August 2011 (as noted in #184), Bear Lawyer and his various holdings—in particular, the aptly-named Bear Apiaries, LLC and the offshore, futures-centric firms of Arth & Beach and Artio-Andarta, Ltd.—are looking to make up lost ground in any way they can. Nothing like the threat of a crisis to drive up demand!

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